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Nox Arcana - The Haunting Music of Crimson Winter

The haunting music of Nox Arcana draws upon many dark, literary legends and has likewise inspired numerous artists and writers throughout the world. Their profound musical influence upon writer/director Bryan Ferriter led to his decision to make it an integral part of his vampire film, Crimson Winter.

In 2009, Bryan Ferriter was looking for music to stimulate his creative process while writing early drafts of his first screenplay. As he was searching for instrumental music on YouTube, the pulse-pounding rhythms and ominous melody of "The Awakening" by Nox Arcana caught his attention. Hearing this single piece led him to dig deeper into the vast collection of dark atmospheric music the band had produced.

Upon completion of the script, Ferriter and the Interwoven Studios production team were tasked with raising money for the ambitious independent project. They decided to create a short version of the film to illustrate their vision and capabilities to potential investors. When it came time to set music to the film, Ferriter did not hesitate to use several Nox Arcana tracks, including "The Stars Align," "Belladonna" and "Mysteries of the Night" to create the dark atmosphere he desired. Ferriter sent a copy of this 45 minute movie to Nox Arcana in 2010 which immediately piqued the interest of composers Joseph Vargo and William Piotrowski.

"It was easy to tell from the beginning that these guys have a lot of talent and had an exciting project on their hands", said Piotrowski. As the film project began to take wings, Piotrowski joined the Interwoven team to create an original score to the gothic vampire saga that he knew Nox Arcana fans would enjoy. Drawing inspiration from the great European composer Wojciech Kilar (Bram Stoker's Dracula, The Ninth Gate), Piotrowski worked closely with Ferriter to create the perfect musical accompaniment to the film. The finished soundtrack contains pieces in the familiar style of Nox Arcana, with the addition of a few new innovations inspired by classical composer and sound artist Gyorgi Ligeti.

The Crimson Winter DVD and accompanying soundtrack by William Piotrowski will be released in the summer of 2013. The soundtrack album will feature pieces from the film as well as additional bonus material. Ferriter states "I want this film to inspire people the way that Nox Arcana inspired the creation of this film."